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With the rising value of Joshua Tree real estate comes heightened concern for investment security at the cost of INDIVIDUALITY! Pleasant, seemingly harmless civil acts of desert gentrification are in effect forcing conformity and homogenizing our unique desert life style. Even long time trusted neighbors are cashing-in and causing hardships in the name of property value. Before this happens to you take whatever precautions necessary to hide, camouflage or cloak anything and everything questionable on your property. Here are a few Code Enforcement RED FLAGS:

1. Travel trailers must be uninhabited and have doors, windows and tires full of air.
2. Singlewide mobile homes must have a permit which they dont issue any more or give variances. Cover visible sides with T111 or wood siding.
3. Trucks, cars, buses, RVs, motorcycles must run or be stored inside. Or Build A Tall Fence and hide everything.
4. Any cabin addition, carport or breezeway must have a permit. Plant fast growing trees and water like crazy. Or Build Another Tall Fence (BATF).
5. Permits are required for any building larger than 10x12.Eves count! The average neighborhood house is only allowed 1 out building and it must
be 6 feet away from your house. Or BATF!
6. All disorganized scattered piles of any debris must be put in straight orderly stacks and covered with a tarp! Or BATF.
7. Cover washing machine gray water line. Or BATF!
8. Better put a shower curtain on the outside shower. Or BATF!
9. Piss blind around your favorite Bush. Or BATF!

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