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03/19/24 09:21 Now it looks i'm a bi-yearly blogger; what happened!? Will,,,who cares. I just got back from visiting my cousin in Sacromento. i hadn't been to his place in over 15 years. everything seemed smaller than i remembered. New neighbors at the bottom of my road. i lent them a wheelbarrow and a magnetic rollie-nail-finder. they're typical millenials (no reciprication or heart felt thanks). kids just aren't brought up the way the way they use to be. i was taught if a neighbor helps you out you at least buy them a bran-muffin. I also helped out the petulant child next door when the wind was about to blow off the hood of his truck. all i got was a bunch of sarcastic enuendos and he's still turning a flood lite in my direction at night. i know i know i sound like a cranky old man. at least i'm not like the other old-man-neighbor who uses engine degreasers in his RENTAL HOUSE rock driveway and resorts to gun threats when called-out for his toxic indiscreation. at least my dog's bloody nose cracks have finally gotten better since we;ve stayed away from his driveway. now i'm just hoping the lumps in Zonk's chest aren't related.

09/14/23 14:05 Yep it's official i'm a bi-monthly blogger. the main thing on my mind the last week was how and if i could make it to my mother's 90th BD but the kid next door and his fire clinched my decision to stay home. I'm considering picking up another piano, something brand new and small enough to fit in the back of the Ranger. it has to be new so that the tunning pin block will hold a tune better than all the old pianos i have around here which always require me to retune once i get to town taking at least an hour. i realized how much i miss playing for even a small busky audience. and there's lots of tourists these days! a small KWAI spinet goes for about 5k so once it cools down i'm off to PS and one of the only piano marts left in the area; even Colton Piano is closed.

07/18/23 11:09 Almost another 2 months since i've been here! alot has happened but nowadays i'm less inclined to share. Finally updated my 8 year old cell phone and phone number--no more spam calls--and boyoboy the new galaxy tech is great! though i'm not sure why i get some of the alerts and how to shut them off. Neighbor boy was here on the 4th with a broken car by the road and lighting things on fire, blowing off f-crackers and hammering at 3am. Internet went down so i finally bit the bullet and called the competitors and now i got a microwave dish on the roof. Looking into getting a kia since i'm starting to feel like i can't miss my mom's up-and-coming birthday and chanceing a drive in my 22 year old vehicle seems scary. and i can't rent a vehicle because of Zonk. i really would like to be able to go places again. i haven't been off the mountain now in alomost 10 years except to take jim's truck down to DHS for the $1200 retired vehicle cash trade in. sure would like to see the ocean again before i sputter-out.

05/25/23 9:43 Wow!!! 2 months since i've been here! so much has happened: i finally dared to hit a bunch of stores (6) even though they say the pandemic won't really be over until sometime in 2025, i even took zonk to carl's for a couple of burger pattys. i'm still having a neighbor issues though he hasn't been around for a couple of weeks. his false call SWAT aniversary is coming up on the 3rd of June. maybe i should have a party: come as ur favorite law-enforcement agency. Still having issues with mail theft; i never recieved a dmv renewal sticker. now there's a lock on the box and i'm trying it again with another dmv sticker. i'm starting to think it might be an internal theft(?). Just finished curing another water leek; it gets tireing using water from a bucket. And there's lots of fruit on the trees and lots of squirrels in the ground; just trapped #4 2 days ago. Ok that's it for now. i'll try and get back sooner next time.

03/16/23 14:04 All the fruit trees are in full bloom. white flower pedals everywhere. Bottom-Rocket-boy set off a 12 pack over at the neighbors 5 nights ago; i missed it but J has the case and he's pretty proud to be the focus of such millineal angst. It's such a nice day that ive been on the roof watching stuff. Bottom Rocket Boy has flipped me off 3 times so far today. yesterday he got a red ram truck delivered. his new boyfriend isn't here today and he left for a while but came back after an hour or so. With all this bank stuff in the news i'm tempted to go get whatevers in my checking account; the reality is then what? everything goes through that account! every payment etc etc. so if it all fails i'll be completely lost and probably have to cancel everything and start over - what a scary concept! maybe best to prioritize now. water bill is top of the list, electricity, and to hell with frontier and att.

02/18/23 9:47 Just paid dmv renewal. now i have to go to the post office and hold the mail for 2 weeks since now i have a regular mail theft problem. so far i've lost a fancy flashlite from my cuz and my prop tax renewal. and all this since there's been a trailer dweller living next door to my mailbox. i've asked him if he's seen anything and he says no and acts guilty! COLDEST weather of the winter just ended. the winds out of the north were crazy cold. Neighbor C has a uhaul and says he's heading north with the family. i wish him the best of luck. i was gonna go over and pick up some art supplies from him but the cold wind put a quick stop to that. i'm a glutton for junk but not cold wind punishment.

01/05/23 9:54 Just tried again to get some doggy treats for Z but for some reason chewy consistantly freezes up during the transaction. so i just got some more canned food and doggy tooth paste since we're going through the first tube pretty fast and it seems to be helping. Not as many people were out on the DLB for new years as there were on TG but still nearly a hundred. Xmas day was weird this year with the unsanctioned neighbor blasting his car stereo and blowing off M80s. after dark i could here neighbor J yelling at him about his 3 bright floodlites that light up the east side of my place and his hot tub. Rain-bomb-cyclones are hitting nor cal. flooding and redwood trees are collapsing and killing infants. and what about all the significant deaths in 22? some kinda rapture? is 2023 an earth/nature vengance year ? a global version of the fox who jumps into the river to drown a blood sucking infestation? blub blub

12/15/22 11:25 Zonk's food just went up a BUNCH!!! i was to late to add some jerky to the order so we may need to go back to the Wal where i just spent $494. so crazy!!! never in my 66 years have i ever seen prices jump like this. closest thing was the gas crazies in the 70s. i was going to say it was a bad time to work in a gas station but because of the long lines and it being so busy time flew by...me and Bob Quinton... with our long hair cramed up under a short-haired-wig. for $1.65 an hour. oh where oh where did you end up BQ? Neighbor and his buddy put on a TG turkey show the other day. that same weekend there were HUNDREDS of people out on the dry-lake-bed to the east with a couple large village size groups. to bad i'm not industrious enough to put together a Helms Bakery Truck or a catering truck to take advantage of this market. almost enough people out there on a regular enough basis to make a living. and it's federal land so it would take a fed to ticket you for a boot leg truck. just have to be discreet driving it the 5 miles home.

11/17/22 8:19 Dirt Lotte Boy was here yesterday. shot-off his nail-gun while Z and i were walking down the road. he/she/they left around dusk. and they didn't get Z's chewy order. luckily i saw it before they did. and whatever they did over there in their container kingdom they had to endure a brisk all-day breeze out of the north. of course they did nothing to correct code enforcement violations. the CD official says they/he faces huge fines for the heaping piles of dirt alone; and still the shack, car on it's side, and trash persist. can't get any more antigentrifying; maybe i'll send him an annoymous xmas card this year. More BEDS dumped along the road to Sunbust. tempted to bring them to the BED END. but with CE officers coming and going and my place so close, it may be a straw to many.

11/12/22 10:22 Still battling the effects of DST. i keep a clock at the same time all year to give me a grounded point to tie-down to. otherwise i feel kinda lost and confused by the change. the light the other time change conformers like the phone and atomic clock, roku. It's been pretty quiet except for a windy rain storm 3 days ago. i took thin sheets of ice off puddles on the roof yesterday. there's something about that roof that amps the cold. there wasn't any ice anywhere else on the prop pond included. Cuz is preping for his trips: fort brag and jt. i give it 50|50 odds that he'll make it down, especially in december. and if it's COLD in the guest trailer WHO WELL! no stove! just small elctric heaters on long extension cords and no smoke alarm. i almost told him when he asked if he could bring anything, to bring a smoke alarm for his bedroom. but i didn't. i'll procrast until the morning he says he's on the way to head over to Homodepoopoo. and he says he's coming in his tiny little sports car which means me and zonk will have to drive him around everywhere while he's here. but he's one of these guests who's a stickler to the 3 day rule. plus he's got cats at home. yep. visits from relatives. whaddayagonnado.

11/06/22 7:58 After looking at the Hi Desert Star interview questions for a follow-up article on the LOVE NOTE PUBLIC PIANO which was in front of JT Health Foods from Valentines Day to the second week in December 2019 I decided to decline. It was a FLUFF piece of denial! first they wanted to call the piano by a name given to it by the last journalist who wrote a fluffer entitled: "Pianos for Peace Persist". what does that even mean?!?! is that a piano you drop and parachute into a war zone? the war stops and both sides huddle around the piano and play drinking songs? so yeah no article. more denial of the public piano. but new inspiration for the book. how's this for a title: "Steal These Ideas And Someday When I'm Rich I'll Sue You". even the ACOUSTISIZER has been stolen as a title for some guitar playing womans country gospel album (Pam Gadd). thank doG there's still just as much about the instrument on-line. the reality is if people steal identities then of course they'll steal ur ideas. i was amazed to find a website that listed all the stolen ideas: FM radio, LEDs, HTML, karaoke to name a few. and FM radio inventer E.H. Armstrong killed himself after years of futile litigation. but i'm still here. fighting futility based depression; i mean REALLY! have you looked at (rhymes with GOOK GERMS) web site lately?!?!?! just the fact that he has CRYSTAL amebas and GERMS on his website as one of his "art pieces" reveals that he's a PARASITE!!!

10/24/22 11:11 It got to cold to sleep on the roof-bed last night mainly because Zonk's blanket would fall off and then he'd nestle into me for body heat and wake me up so at 2:46am we came down stairs. unless it warms up we're not going to make it to the daylight-savings-time change of sleep space goal. We lost out on a couple nights of roof sleep last week when the neighbor idled his car. during one of his idle times (about 6 hours) it was so still that the smell of his exhaust permeated the normally clean air another one of his idle times began at 3:55am forcing us downstairs. but for the most part he's been here less and less and now with winter nearly here we're inside more than outside and oblivious of his existance.

09/16/22 7:38 Crazy rainny monsoon summer!!! so many mozzies this year as a result!!! now that the heat has finally subsided i can get back to work on things like the apache and other stuff that's been sitting on the back burner for years. Code Enforcement finally showed up 2 days ago and just stopped on the road out in front of the denuded 3 acers. neighbor john went and talked to him, i stayed away since it was the same CE-guy who told me to clean up my yard over a year ago. he said the property was close to being in affect 'impounded' and that the stripping of the ground and piles of dirt were going to generate huge fines and loss of ownership. maybe so but i bet it'll never be fixed repaired or sustain desert life again. and it has impacted the snake and lizard population; i haven't seen the king snake this summer and the desert white igunas are disappearing mainly because ravens sit over on his containers and pick them off as they wonder on to the bare dirt with no cover or no get-away holes. when this guy is gone i might lead a replant campaign with jojoba and desert willows(yeah right). i'll just be glad to finally be able to take down the halogen lite blockers around my roof bed.

08/16/22 10:58 Figs have finished. got 3 freezer bags worth. eating them on everything: pizza, vege-burger, pb&J. My swat-happy neighbor with the shipping containers is here sparaticly running power tools at night 'till 1:30am at times. most recently he's sanded all the paint off his car. Still slumping glass and bottles but after last months $200 electric bill i've slowed down a bit. Still haven't fixed the leaky hose faucet because of the bee hive, water sprays everywhere everyday when i use it. Got the Almes flag up a couple weeks back and it's already coming apart now i'm wondering it it's the pole or just moth eatten.

Love is Light